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SPC564Axx OS-Less Test Application problem

Question asked by sweeney.kevin on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by Giovanni Di Sirio
Hi All,

I am unable to get the sample application to run on the dev board.

1. SPC56xxMB/XPC56xxMB (they are identical according to the schematics)
2. SPC564AADPT324S/XPC564AADPT324S (they also are identical according to the schematics)

1. LEDs do not flash
2. Using the BDM debugger (P&E Micro USB Multilink PPC Nexus) I can see that the SIU.PCR and eMIOS.CCR registers are not configured correctly. In fact they appear to have the default values in them. I actually have my own app running on this board under CodeWarrior so I know that the board works and what the correct SIU.PCR and eMIOS.CCR values should be.

I am wondering if the problem is in the chip configuration. The board I received came with a MPC5644A/SPC564A80B4. (To make it even more confusing, it seems that Freescale has just changed the part number on their part to SPC5644A!)
In platform.h  _SPC564A70L7_ is defined and in application.ld the MEMORY directive is incorrect for the 564A80B4. However, changing them to values for the 564A80B4 did not help.

If the chip config is the problem I would be glad to try and correct it if someone can point me, at least in the general direction, of the files that should be modified. I am still just not experienced enough with the SPC5 Studio way of doing things to find everything by myself.

Of course it may be something else all together:)