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LTDC Moving Layer (scroll effect)

Question asked by gebert.rafael on Apr 22, 2016

I'm trying to use the peripheral LTDC to move the layer.
I'm loading an image 1024x768 at address 0xD0000000 SDRAM.
I need to move the display layer that has the resolution of 240x320, it is necessary to make a scroll effect .... however, I am unable to do this effect ... the examples of cube repository only show how to move a small image on a screen with higher resolution and I need to do the exact opposite ...

I tried to follow the tip of the slides 38 and 41 of a presentation of the ST, I found the link:
Please look at the attachment!
Please, I need a lot of it ... I'm desperate ... I'm trying to do this for several days and I'm not getting ....
Please help me!!!!

I am using the "HAL" library STM32Cube in KIT STM32F429-DISCO.