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Debugging of my STEVAL-CCM001V2

Question asked by geiger.daniel on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by Clive One
Hello together,

I got an STEVAL-CCM001V2 evaluation board. This Board has an TFT-Display and some touch-keys to control the function of the board. 
The board has an micro-SD card slot and you could watch pictures on the sd-card over the usb-connection.
When I got the board Iconnected it with my pc and after the driver was installed I could see the data on the card and watch pictures from the card on the board. Also I could configure the time and date in the menue, I would say basically the normal function.
So in the package there is also the software of the application, and I have the ST-Link/V2 and I wanted to debug the application over SWD and my ST-LINK/V2.
So I compiled direct the project from the CD and flashed it down into the controller and when I started it, the display was white an the usb-port is registered in the pc and after a few seconds the usb-port disappears in the pc.
I think the software which is delivered with the package doesen't met to board or there is a new version which is different.
If I could get the working programming file I could put the board in the delivered state but now it does not work anymore.
Is there anybody who knows the board or has similar experiences?