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stm32f429 Disco direct to VGA Monitor

Question asked by vader.darth on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2014 by white.sam
Hello :)

I just remove the LCD from one of my board and made a R2R Resistor DAC connected to the LCD dedicated pin.
The only pins you need are the 3 x 6bits colors , the vsync , hsync and GND.
After some changes in one of the examples source from ST i was able to get a picture
to my VGA Monitor ;)
I just don't have the correct timing for view 640 x 480 picture , the monitor report me a 800 x 600 resolution with 31.4Khz Horizontal and 52.3Hz refresh time ... Hmmm
I probably don't understand correctly the data-sheet/app note about the timing.
Or i put wrong parameter for sync time + bach porch etc ...
For those who want try i attach the source to put in the
\Projects\Peripheral_Examples\ directory and the R2R Schematic i do for this test.
If someone get the correct timing setup for 640 x 480 resolution i will be happy to get it ;)
It's allot more comfortable to play with a big monitor , just no touch screen here , next step is to use a USB KB + Mouse ... he he he


PS : i compiled this with Keil..