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STM32F3Discovery: USB Mass Storage Mode

Question asked by do.alex on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by do.alex
Hello everyone.
I am a newbie and learning STM32 step by step.
I purchased this Discovery board and set up Keil environment.
I tried USB HID demo and now I want to try to get my board get recognized as USB Mass Storage Device. Further plans are getting data, sent by PC, and encoding them using some block cipher. No need in SD-cards or other disks on this stage — only PC recognizing board as Mass Storage.
Sadly I'm not very fluent in STM32 coding, and examples, found on internet, were not very helpful due to  very chip-based implementations and differences in registers / headers / etc.
So I decided to modify the original demo, but, as mentioned above, due to lack of experience I don't have lot of ideas about it.

First thoughts are: we have USB_Example/usb_desc.c file, which apparently contains description of HID device. But data in struct fields is hex, and seems like it is about diving into USB Protocol is a search of suitable set of parameters.

So my questions are: am I going in right direction? Is it all about deep layers of USB Protocol? Are there any notable examples of USB Mass Storage Device realization on F3Discovery boards?

Any help will do.
Best regards.