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STM32F3 DSP_Lib problems

Question asked by k.kvresto on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by k.kvresto

Hi Everyone.


Its been a while between projects, and I'm still on the learning curve with STM32.I now I want to include the DSP library in my project STM32F3.


I have downloaded the DSP_Lib from ST, it came with the STDP library, and I have created a new project within System Workbench, but I keep getting all kinds of errors when I try to bring the dsp library into my project. The documentation I’ve found so far deals with the library itself, and I cant seem to get the information on how to actually include it in my project.


Can anyone please help out with some direction on what I have to do to get this dsp lib to work in my project, or point me to the documentation which deals with this issue?


Thanks for your help.