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Development tool for STM32F4

Question asked by Manish on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by fm
      I am Working with STM32F4 Discovery since couple of months.I have tried few basic program with this and now trying  to do some more advance assignments like USB serial,CAN implementation with STM32F4 Discovery.Although Documentation in STM32F4 related Driver files is quite straight forward and easy to understand , I feel that some tool may it easy to simplify or reduce programming efforts by GUI based system.I have search on those lines and I have found one tool 'LabView' But its not perfectly suited for my requirements or for embedded c code generation.
               So can anyone knows some tool for Embedded system to reduce embedded Programmers efforts in simplified way(GUI based) or any one is working on same lines.then please inform me.I will eagerly waiting for reply.