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HAL SmartCard bug

Question asked by nimura.fumihiko on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by Nesrine M

Dear ST staff,

I found a small bug in CubeMX 4.12.0.
Although I don't use latest CubeMX, I contribute this discussion, becasuse RereaceNote of CubeMX says the bug  is still existing.
The bug is at SMARTCARD_Receive_IT() on stm32f4xx_hal_smartcard.c.

At line 5, and 6,
    tmp = (uint16_t*) hsc->pRxBuffPtr;
    *tmp = (uint16_t)(hsc->Instance->DR & (uint16_t)0x00FF);

But, hsc->pRxBuffPtr points 8bit variable, so neighber valiable is destroyed in this substitution.

Best regards,
F Nimura