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DCMI to memory, memory to UART, DMA Transfer

Question asked by hosS on Sep 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by huseyin.hebun
I want to receive datas from DCMI interface and then transfer it to UART interface through DMA.
To do that, I am plannig to receive each Byte from the DCMI interface store it into a buffer using DMA and then transfer the Byte contained in the buffer to UART using DMA. And then do the same with the next Byte...

DCMI ---DMA--> Memory ---DMA--->UART

Each Byte received from DCMI must be transferred to UART before the next Byte comes.
I am not sure if it is feasable or am I obliged to receive the hole datas from DCMI before I can send it again to UART. 
I need to know if I can send each Byte received before receiving the next Byte.