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Crossref to ST Op Amps

Question asked by tupin.frederic Employee on Feb 15, 2012
Dear forum-users,

If you like using ST Op-Amps, here is a simple table that will direct you quickly to the most appropriate ST Op-Amps, based on popular standard devices.

 ST Op Amps Standard devices Description  
 TSV621AAD8613  Micropower Op amp
 LMV824LMV824  Std Op amp
 TS912 / TSX712LMC6482  16V CMOS Op amp
 TSV852 or TSV6392LMV932 
 Gen Purpose Op amp
 TSV521 /TSV522 AD8541 / MCP6041 /OPA2348 1Mhz Low Power Op amp
 LMV321L LMV321  Gen Purpose
 LMV331 LMV331 Low power Comparator
 TSX711 LMC6481 / TLC271 /TLV271 16V CMOS Op amp
 TSX631TLV2211 / LPC661  16V CMOS low power Op amp
 TS3011 LMV7219 / MAX999 High speed Comparator
 TS881 MAX9119 / LPV7215 Nano power Comparator
 TSZ121 OPA333 / OPA330 / LTC2054 Zero drift  Op Amp
 TSV711 OPA336 Low offset  / Vio op amp
 TSV712 OPA2336 Low offset  / Vio op amp
 TSU101 LPV521 MAX4470 MCP6441Nano Power Op amp
 TSV521 OPA348 Energy efficient Op amp

here are listed only few of widely used devices except LM3 & LM29 series, but
please feel free to complete this table whenever you find a good Xref using ST Op-Amps.