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STM32 VL Discovery - Linux and GNU Software - HOWTO

Question asked by robson.paul on Sep 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2012 by sjo
Hi. I am currently working on making the board work under Linux, utilising the Boot mode present in the STMF100RB and am blogging the results at

So far I have (with a lot of help from the WWW) figured out all the hardware and protocols to connect the board to any machine with a serial port and have a communicating board - you can read and write to it.

I know some people (including me) regretted the lack of O/S support for the STM8 board, so all the instructions are up there if anyone else wants to try it out, critique or comment on what I've done etc. please feel free to do so.

No changes to the board are required (no solder bridge removal) though I have hacked off the six pins at the bottom because it won't plug in my breadboard otherwise :(

I hope to have code running on it by Monday (tomorrow it's my birthday ....)


Picture being worth 1000 words :)