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Question asked by mccarty.michael on Sep 19, 2013
I looked at the data a little closer and this is what I found. 

so, F3, D0 where we expect FF,D8

FF = 11111111
F3 = 11110011

D8 = 11011000
D0 = 11010000

thats D2 and D3 only which are PE0 and PE1

When I look at the schematic for the stm32f4 i see pe0 and pe1 are connected to a LIS302DL "MEMS" int1 and 2. I think those could be corrupting my data. The expansion board "Open407V-D" uses those pins by default for the camera module. I dont really get why they would use those pins if they were automatically going to be also attached to the ic on the discovery board. I dont think there is a way to disconnect them unless I can interfase with the "mems" and have those int lines go hiZ. 

But this is all assumptions. The Open407V-D will allow me to use C8 and C9 if i change some solder jumpers on the bottom of the board. But i have to be sure i'm not muxing them into something else already. 

I'll pick up with that tomorrow, my eyes hurt. Let me know if you think i'm on the right path.