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STM32F4 USB hid host - non boot protocol

Question asked by ciacka.michal.001 on Sep 17, 2013

Dear All,
Although this is my first post here, I am quite often reading forum, when I need to find solution for my problems.
Unfortunatley, this time I could not find the answer in existing threads for above problem:
I am trying to implement independent controller for multiaxis joystick. The plan is that stm32f4 will act as a "bridge" between USB hid and CAN bus.
My setup is as in the picture:
I have run mouse and keyboard hid host based on provided by stm examples without any problems. The problem is that library support only boot protocol as I understand, so only mouse- and keyboards-like devices. My multi-axis controller is non boot protocol device.
System is initializing ok, device is also recognized and enumerated, results received via uart terminal are as follow:

System Initializing... 
System Ready 
Device Attached 
> Low speed device detected 
VID : 046Dh 
PID : C626h 
> HID device connected 
Manufacturer : 3Dconnexion 
Product : SpaceNavigator 
Serial Number : N/A 
Enumeration done! 
Device is not supported!  

Last message is sent by stm32 after not passing above condition in usbh_hid_core.c src file:

if(pphost->device_prop.Itf_Desc[0].bInterfaceSubClass  == HID_BOOT_CODE) 
{ (...) } 

Connected Axis controller is not boot protocol device - it is report protocol device. Its interfece descriptor is stated above:

As in report descriptor: data are being sent in 3 reports:
Report ID 01: 3x16 bit values of linear movements (X, Y, Z)
Report ID 02: 3x16 bit values of rotational movements (Rx, Ry, Rz)
Report ID 03: 1x8 bit value byte buttons state (Button)
Report ID 04: 1x8 bit value LED state report send to the device
Report IDs 05-11 are never sent in this version of usb device.
For better visualisation, below is a screen from USB sniffer application:

Has anyone experience or know how to receive data sent by usb hid non boot protocol device with several report ids?
I think not only me is interested in other than boot protocol hid devices implentation on stm32f4.

Best regards and thanks in advance for your help!