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Getting ADC Data on USB using STM32F4 Discovery

Question asked by Manish on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by Manish
I am working on STM32F4 Discovery .I have write code for ADC for STM32F4 Discovery (with FreeRTOS)  and load ,debug using GNU tool-chain.
Now I have to get that ADC data on another USB (i.e USER_USB port on STM32F4 Board) using USB protocol and want to further processing on same I want to ask following things
1.Above things are possible on same STM32f4 Discovery Board
2.As there isn't any Driver files specific to STM32f4 Discovery for USB protocol so how would we should proceed..?
3.As we have write code interfaced with FreeRTOS so will FreeRTOS have nay support for USB Protocol...?

Actually m too new to above mentioned concept so asked too many questions.