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Multi Channel ADC reading.

Question asked by kim.seung_man on Sep 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by Clive One

I tried to read two analog inputs from PA3(ADC1_IN3) and PA5(ADC1_IN5).
I expected tmpADC[0] has the input data of PA3 and tmpADC[1] has the input data of PA5. However, both tmpADC[0] and tmpADC[1] always have the input data of PA3. 

I read reference manual multiple times, but I couldn't figure out what is wrong.
Please let me know what is problem. I attached my code below(only ADC part).


#include <stm32f4xx.h>

void ADC_Init(void)
 GPIOA->MODER   |= (3UL<<6)|(3UL<<10);     /*Set PA3 as an analog input, ADC1_IN3, Set PA5 as an analog input ADC1_IN5*/
 GPIOA->PUPDR   &= ~((3UL<<6)|(3UL<<10));   /*No Pull up and down resistor*/
 RCC->APB2ENR   =(1<<8);       /*ADC1 clk enable*/
 ADC1->CR1 = 0;
 ADC1->CR2 = (1UL<<0)|          /*ADC1 power on */
            (1UL<<1);          /*Continuous conversion*/
 ADC1->SMPR1 = 0;
 ADC1->SMPR2 = 0;
 ADC1->SQR1 = (1<<20);                   /* sequence length: two regular conversions*/
 ADC1->SQR2 = 0;
 ADC1->SQR3 = (3UL<<0)|(5UL<<5);         /*1st conversion = ADC1_lN3, 2nd conversion = ADC1_IN5*/
 ADC->CCR = (1UL<<16);          /*fpclk2/4 = 21Mhz */
short unsigned int get_ADC(void)
ADC1->CR2 |= (1<<30);
 while(!(ADC1->SR & 0x2));
 return ADC1->DR;

int main (void)

       tmpADC[0]  = get_ADC();    // expecting have data from ADC1_IN3
       tmpADC[1] = get_ADC();   //expecting have data from ADC1_IN5