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LSM330DLC Datasheet Questions/Configure as in DT0005 + INT2_A signal on motion detection

Question asked by luttrell.shane on Nov 13, 2013

I need to configure a LSM330DLC in a way outlined in the DT0005 document.  Essentially, on data ready interrupts (INT1_A) from the accelerometer feed into the DEN_G pin, telling the gyro to push a conversion onto the gyro FIFO.  In this way, acceleration and gyro data are aligned (I think).

In addition, I want to have a FIFO watermark interrupt as well as an interrupt to wake my board up upon movement.

I believe I need to setup three interrupts sources:
1) INT1_A to be I1_DRDY1 (or is it I1_DRDY2?)  Which one does what?

2) INT2_A to fire upon a motion detection event.  I believe I see how to do this with INT1_A, but I need it to happen on INT2_A.

3) A FIFO watermark interrupt to fire from the gyro side (INT2_G).  This one I have figured out, but need INT1_A/DEN_G working before I can fully test it.

More to the point-

1) In table 18, there are INT2_CFG_A, SOURCE_A, etc registers, but I see no mention of them in the section 8 description.  Does anyone know how to configure INT2_A?

2) What is the difference between DRDY1 and DRDY2? (See table 26).  In short, how do I make INT1_A fire upon every accel conversion?

3) The text after table 43 "The content of this register is loaded at boot?"  OK, so if I want to change it do I need to reboot for the changes to take place?  I also do not see in table 18 which registers are actually loaded at boot.

4) Assuming that I am executing rebooting properly (Set CTL_REG5_A:BOOT), rebooting does not appear to wipe out FIFO count or contents.  Is this the correct behavior?

5) What does Figure 20 mean?  Specifically, what are the roles of INT1_SEL0:1 and Out_Sel0:1?  It appears you can route data to either the FIFO or DataReg, but I assumed that this is controlled by FIFO_EN.  It also appears that you can route the source of interrupt, but all sources appear to be versions of gyroscope data ready.  What is going on here?

Thank you in advance for your help,