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STM32F4 Discovery LCD 3.5" TFT touchscreen problem

Question asked by Zoo_lander on Sep 12, 2013
Hi, I recently bought the STM32F4DIS-LCD manufactured by Embest, I have wired the TFT and touchscreen components to my discovery board directly (as I have no need for the base board), using these schematics and pin outs:


I'm having trouble getting the touchscreen aspect of the touchscreen calibration example (provided by STM) to work. When I look at the registers for the I2C bus the DR is always 0?! I haven't used any capacitors or any of the 22R resistors when wiring the TFT to the discovery board, but I have tried including the 4.7K resistor between pins 5 and 8 with no success. Please could someone point in the right direction to getting this to work?

Cheers, Marc.