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Core is held in reset, and debugging fails when plugging in camera

Question asked by mccarty.michael on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2013 by mccarty.michael
Finally got my ov2640 cameras and was chugging through the code. But then I started a debug session (after several other successful ones) and I get this error 
"core is held in reset" 

If I unplug the camera I can debug but that does me no good. If I start debugging without the camera then plug it in it will work for writing a few registers and then fail. 

Any ideas ? 

I'm using keil on a stm32f4 discovery

It does not seem to get in this state if I do not call 

which does a lot of this type of stuff, seems to write a few i2c regs then stops responding.

void OV2640_JPEGConfig(ImageFormat_TypeDef ImageFormat)
  uint32_t i;


  /* Initialize OV2640 */
  for(i=0; i<(sizeof(OV2640_JPEG_INIT)/2); i++)
    OV2640_WriteReg(OV2640_JPEG_INIT[i][0], OV2640_JPEG_INIT[i][1]);

  /* Set to output YUV422 */
  for(i=0; i<(sizeof(OV2640_YUV422)/2); i++)
    OV2640_WriteReg(OV2640_YUV422[i][0], OV2640_YUV422[i][1]);