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USB audio microphone issue

Question asked by Dodotronic on Mar 24, 2016
Hi all

I'm using the USB microphone example on STM32L4 nucleo board ad I've modified the source code to adapt the buffer dimention according to the synchronization of the PC request and data coming from the SAI connected to an external ADC.
All right when the buffer size is the same dimentions than previously state on the sampling rate. The problems rise when I try to change buffer sent to the in EP, the buffer coming from the SAI is not taken into account but other data (probably from another memory region) are sent.
Probably the problem is in this function:
USBD_AUDIO_Data_Transfer(USBD_HandleTypeDef *pdev, int16_t * audioData, uint16_t PCMSamples)
but even changing the data amount manually nothing changes
Does someone have found the same issue?