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STM32L152 is not flashable

Question asked by haertel.alexander on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by haertel.alexander
Dear Community,

i have an STM32L-Discovery Board with 24 segment display. I wanted to flash a programm with Keil uVision V4.70.0.0 (STLink is set to SW, but no Cortex M device is found), with IAR Embedded Workbench V6.60.1.5104 and STM Studio V3.1.1. I always followed the instruction manual from for setting up the project and for flashing it right. I also tried a few other options. But there was always a prompt, that the target could not be found. I installed the Driver Software from without any success. I flashed the newest and older Firmwareversions and at the end there was a prompt, that it was installed successfully. The Controller works with the programm which was preinstalled. So, the Controller can not be out of work. I have no external debugger, but can only use the mini-USB-port. The Windows System indentifies the controller as ST-USB-Device (ST-Dongle). I had uninstalled the Windows-driver and installed the driver from Microelectronics. Without any changes. I have no clue, what to do.

The Chip hast the following label:

CHN GH 122

If anyone could help me, I would be lucky. This is for a project on university. Any sugestions.