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Anyone Knows the Capacitance of ANT1, ANT2, and ANT7 antenna coils?

Question asked by kish on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by ST NFC
Ive been emailing the support and asking around for like a month now; posting my question here maybe someone finally gets back to me!
Hello! i was wondering if anyone could get back to me today on the question i asked earlier!

It's about ANT2 and ANT7 antenna coils, but i cant find them on the new website. What's the capacitance for each of these antennas? Im using ANT 1 and ANT2 antennas as for my reference antenna and in order to calculate the Tuning capacitance of my own antenna, i need to know the capacitance of either of these antennas.
Id REALLY appreciate if someone could PLEASE get back to us very soon!

Thanks again and sorry to bother so much!