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SPC56EL70L5 and SPC56ELADPT144S mini module

Question asked by sciscio.berardo on Jul 9, 2013
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i have a doubt.

The Daughter/adapter board SPC56ELADPT144S is for SPC56xxEL family.

In SPC56ELADPT144S datasheet is written:  device supported SPC56EL60L5.

But when i search in WEB page for SPC56xxEL family i don't find SPC56EL60L5.

WEB page:


in MCU list there are SPC56EL60L3 or SPC56EL70L5.

SPC56ELADPT144S support a MCU that it don't exists?  i think that's impossible!

There is an error?

However, error apart,  are MCU SPC56EL70L5 compatible with SPC56ELADPT144S?

Someone informed?