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Nucleo 144 Ethernet, LAN8742A, CubeMX 4.13.1?

Question asked by prestine.matthew on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Paolo Chiantore
I needs some help.  I recieved a Nucleo 144 and I have used CubeMX 4.13.1 to generate some test code to try out the on-board ethernet.  Well I have had little success and cant seem to find the issue.  They come with a LAN8742A phy setup in RMII.  I am sure someone has used ethernet on these so any help would be great.

The CubeMX configuration is simple in that it only enables the ethernet module in RMII and LWIP with a fixed IP address of  The clock is defined as bypass @ 8Mhz and the system clock is configured for 180Mhz.  No RTOS and MX_LWIP_Process() is placed in the main loop.

I have a STM32F4-disco on a break-out board with a DP83848 phy module in RMII with then exact same CubeMX configurations other than clock and everything works just fine.

If I ping to the Nucleo no response, if I ping to the Disco I get a response.

I am sure that the problem lies with the LAN8742A configuration but cannot seem to find the issue.

Any thoughts?