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using stvp_cmdline to program st7flites5

Question asked by cheon.benedict on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by sumargo.ruly
Hi all,

I encountered few issues when using STVP to program a ST7Flites5.  Can anyone advice me on possible solutions?  Tks in advance.

1.    STVP does not provide a erase before programming option for ST7Flites5.  This particular programming job specify its option byte with a read protection on and after programming on STVP, I could not do any programming or verification again, cos it keep saying it is protected.  However, ST7_PGM is able to do that (it erase and program), just that it only accept hex data file but no srec.

2.    Though I could program and verify in STVP using its graphical interface, the STVP_cmdline could not connect to the ST7Flites5.  Please help!?

BTW, I am only doing programming on the ST7 and frankly, I know very little about the uC.  So your patience is needed here.  :-)