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ST7580 Maximum Devices on the Power Line

Question asked by stangeland.andy on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by martonicz.daniel
I need to transmit to about 500 receivers, each one needing ~1.5kbps of data.  So I need ~750kbps of total bandwidth.  Can I use one transmitter per 5 receivers so that I have enough bandwidth (1.5k*5 = 7.5kbps which is less than the 9600bps of a single ST7580)?

Each transmitter and set of five receivers would be tuned to their own frequency.  So I would have 100 transmitting devices each at a different frequency, and 500 receivers (one listening to each frequency).  Will the different ST7580s be able to communicate at 100 different frequencies simultaneously on the same line?  If not how many different frequencies could be used without them interfering with each other?  (This would be in the FCC range for a US 110V application.)

With 600 devices connected to the line the capacitive loading of all of the frontend filters is going to add up.  Will this cause a problem for communication?  If so how many ST7580s devices could be placed on a single line without issue?