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Calculation Adc value based on CubeMx

Question asked by TripleJ on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by baird.hal.001
Hello guys.

I am using STM32F051K8 with CubeMX. While using ADC conversion, the adc value is working weird.
The value I measured is adc value from position sensor. the range is from 0 to 2.9V(measured with Oscilloscope).

When the value is reached in 2.9v, the measured ad value is 3600 which is correct(3600/4095 * 3.3v). However the ad value became 0 when it measured below than 0.7v.
Is there any calculation that I missed?

For example, if 1v is measured, I think the ad value should be 1240 (1v/3.3v*4095(12bits)) but the real ad value is 280.

Please help me with this. Thank you for reading guys.