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STM32CubeMX for Nucleo-L476-RG base project

Question asked by whitewool on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by STM32Cube-T
Dear All.

I’ve recently installed STM32Cube MX 4.13.0 on both Ubuntu 14 and Windows 10, with the purpose of generating base code for my Nucleo-L476-RG equipped with MEMS sensors daughterboards.

I use SW4STM32 fully updated (Luna Build 20150219-0600) and example applications provided with STM32Cube and MEMS extension already compile and Run/Debug fine, with and without FreeRTOS.

I’having the following problem with STM32CubeMx on both Linux and Windows.

I create a new project and simply select Nucleo-L476-RG in the Board selector, with no middlewares (it’s ok for me a simple main loop to start) and I get the attached pinout view.

Then I configure the code generation settings for SW4STM32 and I get my project, which SW4STM32 imports and compiles correctly.

But when I start the project debug I never get to the main because the MCU is running on the infinite loop of line 134 of the startup code (STM32l476xx.s), probably something was wrong in the startup code or I forgot something. You can see the two attached images of SW4STM32 Debug window.

I expected that the STM32CUbeMX configuration for the Nucleo board was ready to run without need of adjustment. Is there anything I had to do before or is this a bug?

Thanks. any hint is appreciated, I really need to start quicly with STM32 for a new (of course very urgent) project.

Thanks in advance