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IEC60730-Class C- RAM structure

Question asked by mohammady.ehsan on Dec 3, 2011
This is ehsan, student of milan university, I am doing my final project in university which is relates to implementing Class c of IEC 60730. One of the routines which should be implemented, is RAM test routine via WalkPat test algorithm. I am using ST72F324BK6 CPU in my simulation as well as my PCB board. For walkpat test algorithm I need to know the RAM topology of mentioned CPU. I couldnt find it in documents which is available on your website. I will be appreciated if u can help me with needed information about RAM topology of mentioned CPU. Also Please let me know if u have any document for implementing CLASS C of IEC60730 regarding walkpat algorithm as well as other required algorithms and source codes.
 Thanks Best regards Ehsan,