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ST7FLite39 used in ballast for HID lamps_IgnitionCheck Problem

Question asked by chiesa.michele on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2010 by chiesa.michele
Hi all,

I read your firmware code in ST site to spark an HID 250 Watt Lamp.

I found out that you sense an unused pin ANALOG1 as Vsens during IgnitionStart and IgnitionCheck routine... those routines are from line 153 to 213 in "main.c" of [steval-ilh001v1_sw_hid_ballast_fw_libraries_v1_0_0].

In IgnitionCheck you check if "Vsens >= 140" then go to BurnLampPhase (from line185 to 189).

But Vsens is a dummy! That doesn't seems to be a real control... what do you have done? Will I need to change Vsens with Vlamp?!?

What I think is: if an HID lamp voltage during ignition must be 3000 volt, in IgnitionCheck routine I must control it. So the control must be: (if Vlamp>=140) and not (if Vsens>=140).

PS I'm sorry but I can't use your EvalBoard... I want to use your Chips but I need absolutely SPI interface pins. You use those for other purposes in EvalBoard :(