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micromonitor port

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Aug 16, 2013
Being new to the list, I don't know if this will be of any interest, but i spent some time porting my boot monitor ( to the STM32F4 Discovery with the STM32F4DIS-BB expansion board.  I've been working on an MCU version of Micromonitor for a few months now and would love to get some other folks interested in it to collaborate and improve on it.  The code is a mix of general uMon-M, plus other open source packages (SOC-specific drivers, LWIP, ZLIB, etc..). The uMon-M code is Apache licensed, refer to the other packages for their specific licensing. 
Anyway, its free to use, with the motivation being collaboration among developers.
Briefly, here's a list of uMon-M features (read more at the above site):

- Ethernet: IP/DHCP/BOOTP/UDP/TFTP and IPv6 in progress
- Flash file system: TFS runs on internal sectors of builtin flash.
- Command line: Serial or UDP, lineediting, file editor, etc...
- FFS supports scripting, application downloads, autobooting, etc...
- Most features can be configured in/out to adjust memory footprint.
- Example application uses os-less LWIP-based HTTP server that uses files in TFS and supports basic websockets for asynchronous messages to the browser without a need for a page refresh (javascript).
Most facilities in the monitor are shared with the application through an API, so there's minimal wasted flash/ram space when the application is launched from the monitor.
Anyway, if anyone is interested let me know.  It sure would be nice to get some folks using this to test it out and collaborate on it.