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Programming STM32F746 to use TCM interface?

Question asked by wired on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Clive One
I built a test program using STM32CubeMX to test the STM32F746 in TCM flash interface mode (selected from the dialog box brought up by using the Cortex M7 button on the configuration tab).  I imported the project into Atollic TrueStudio and tried to run the debugger, and the code does not load properly. I then created a HEX file and tried to use ST-Link v2 (firmware version V2J25S0).  The device will not program - I get 'internal command error'.

The auto-generated linker script file declares the FLASH region to start at 0x00200000, which is correct for the TCM interface.  However, documentation I have read indicates that this region of flash is not writeable.  The .MAP file also shows all of my code starting at the 0x00200000 address range.

Q1) How do I program a device to use this interface?

Q2) I will eventually want to do OTA application firmware updates.  Must I operate using the AXI interface to be able to write my code to flash?

FYI, my 'evaluation board' is an STM32F429i-DISCO with most of the components removed and the F429 replaced by the F746.  I needed a PCB with a lot of available I/O, and none of the F7 disco or eval boards fit the bill.  I only mention this because I am using the onboard ST-Link V2, in case that is somehow a problem.