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North American STM32F7 seminar series

Question asked by Clive One on Feb 26, 2016

Can I please strongly implore ST to do this with the *NEW* STM32F7 2MB DP-FPU parts, and not the parts you announced in 24-Sep-2014.

For all the time-to-market posturing, ATMEL beat you to the market with a Cortex-M7 solution, and delivered the full ARM M7 implementation with the DP-FPU not SP-FPU, 300 MHz not 216 MHz, and 2MB not 1MB of FLASH.

The STM32F765, 7x7 and 7x9 are suppose to be fully released beginning May 2016, and these need to be the parts you show-case at the seminars, not DISCO boards with the older parts that you indicated were going to be used during the webinar yesterday. I think that would be a strategic mistake.