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stemwin problem

Question asked by askari.nima on Feb 23, 2016
I use stm32f407zg and stemwin library and freertos.
when I want load BMP , my microcontroller gose to HardFault after put some pixel on lcd( about half or less).

FRESULT     resultBMP;
unsigned char _acBuffer[4096];

FIL * phFile;
FIL     imageFile;
uint32_t NumBytesRead;
int _GetDataSD(void * p, const U8 ** ppData, uint16_t NumBytesReq, U32 Off) {
  phFile = (FIL *)p;

  // Check buffer size
  if (NumBytesReq > sizeof(_acBuffer)) {
    NumBytesReq = sizeof(_acBuffer);
  // Set file pointer to the required position
 resultBMP = f_lseek(phFile, Off);
  // Read data into buffer
  resultBMP = f_read(phFile, _acBuffer, NumBytesReq, (uint32_t *)&NumBytesRead);
     if(NumBytesRead < NumBytesReq)
  // Set data pointer to the beginning of the buffer
  *ppData = _acBuffer;
  // Return number of available bytes
  return NumBytesRead;

void MyGui_Draw(char * sFilename)

  resultBMP = f_open(&imageFile, sFilename , FA_READ);
     if(resultBMP == FR_OK)
    GUI_BMP_DrawEx(_GetDataSD, &imageFile,100,100);