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Encoder Interface STM32F0 Discovery

Question asked by perera.duminda on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by hoang.giang.003
I have a motor with a quadrature encoder and I want to get the relative (absolute after counting from home position) position. I tried getting the encoder count using an interrupt from one channel of the encoder and checking the state of the other channel. But I found that a lot of counts are missed when the encoders are interfaced this way.

Now I have decided to try the Encoder Interface. The Reference manual says that I don't need 'external interface logic' to connect the encoder so I think I can directly connect the encoder channels to the STM32F0 (the channel voltages shift from 0-3V).  I have seen the Encoder mode example for the STM32F0 but cannot fully understand how to implement it.

What is the maximum value the timer can count upto? Should I set this value?
Which pins correspond to the encoder interface?
What register or variable do I read to get the encoder count?