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LPS331AP accessing filtering

Question asked by madl.christoph on Dec 21, 2013
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i'm a german student and i'm working on a private project. It's a UAV (UnmannedAirVehicle), which controls it's altitude by pressure. For this, i want to use a LPS331AP, but the raw-data output oscilates with a frequency of about 0.05 Hz. Normally, i would use a bandstop filter to reduce / minimize this noise, but if the UAV moves up or down, the frequency can be / will be often the same, so this doesn't fit.
In the application note "Hardware and software guidlines" it says on page 16:
For indoor navigation when sub meter detection is required, a special recursive filter could
be used. Tailoring the S/W filter for the sensor characteristic and the application requirement
is usually a good move. Sensor fusion is the most advanced filtering which uses all available
information and uses them to reduce the positioning noise.
But i can't find any more information about this "recursive filter". What sort if filter should this be? I'm allready using sensor fusion -> i double integrate a accelerometer to get the height out of it and use a complementary filter to combine this with the LPS331AP readings. But the noise frequency of the LPS331AP is too low to determine it.
I don't need to know the absolute pressure.

Thanks for reading & sorry for my bad english