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ST-Link HOTPLUG problem

Question asked by dufke on Feb 15, 2016
I'm trying to read some values out of an STM32F3's RAM (after some selftest code has run), but the ST-Link utility HOTPLUG function is no longer working after I upgraded to the latest utility version (3.8.0, CLI 2.4.0).

I can connect to the target, but it appears to be newly reset (but curiously, the PC is in the infinite loop in the hard fault handler). If I just do a "-c SWD HOTPLUG -SCore" I get "Core is Halted", which it definitely wasn't before the ST-Link connected to it (the selftest code ran just fine).

Now, this could just be a bug in my code, if it wasn't for one thing - connecting with STM Studio in the exact same mode works perfectly. No resets, no halting of the core, (no hardfaults!), and the data I'm trying to read is right where it's supposed to be.