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STemWin Library problem while Rotating LCD

Question asked by bhavsar.nipam on Feb 12, 2016

I am currently working with STM32F439ZI microcontroller and interfaced SPI LCD having 144x128 resolution with MCU. STemWin library is used to run my GUI on LCD. Currently I am facing issue of how to rotate LCD to 90 deg anti-clockwise and 90 deg clockwise.

Currently in my code, I have used "GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink(GUIDRV_LIN_1, GUICC_1, 0, 0)" API and it works fine. But now I want to rotate my LCD screen. To rotate the screen, I am using "GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink(GUIDRV_LIN_OXY_1, GUICC_1, 0, 0)" API but I am getting Linker error like "no definition for GUIDRV_Lin_OXY_1_API".

Also I have tried with set orientation API but I got distorted screen after using this API.

Is there any other way available to rotate the LCD screen? Can you please give some suggestions/guidance regarding how to rotate LCD using STemWin Library?

Any help in this case is highly appreciable.