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Needs help with reading flash with STVP

Question asked by ossdon.ilan on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by laurent_l
I Have the STM32L-discovery board and connected with the STVP programmer via STLINK.
I read the program memory (flash) successfully, and save it to a file (Intel HEX format),
But when I looks at the content of the program memory in comparison to the file, the content is different.
Firstly, the address is different: STVP starts at 8000000 and the file start at 00000000.
The size is different: STVP size is FFFF (64KB Flash) and file stop at 26890.
And the content is totally different.
Can someone explain me how the program memory is saved and why there are differences?