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Cannot build on STM32F429I_DISC)

Question asked by januskae on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by januskae
I am attempting to build for the first time with my STM32F429I-DISCO using eclipse and the STM32 standard periph. I set up my toolchain from the instrcutions here. One thing I am stuck on is in stm32f4xx_fsmc.c I am getting 'FSMC_Bank1' undeclared errors. Also similar errors for Bank 2, Bank 3, Bank 4, BTCR and many others starting with FSMC_...

I have pointed my includes to the path containing stm32f4xx.h but I still can't get the variables to resolve.  I have included STM32F439NIHx_FLASH.ld in my project root, and project properties have the symbols STM32F429_439xx and USE_STDPERIPH_DRIVER (all configurations).