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Blinky Flash load/debug with MDK-ARM

Question asked by sink on Jul 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by sink
Board: STM324x9I-eval
Tools : MDK-ARM uvision

When compiling/loading/debug either blinky or RTX_blinky. 
when target set to "STM32F439 RAM", everything works fine. I can run, step, etc. 
but if target set to "STM32F439 Flash". When uVision try to load/debug, the eval board LCD display flashing and resetting, then go back to original the ST demo program. Of course the blinky program is not run, the breakpoint is not trigger.

I saw there is a post in 2012 that stated using hex file to program. It will be really bothersome if we need to do this in order to debug.