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STM32CubeMX annoying behaviour

Question asked by diz on Feb 5, 2016
I am using the current version (4.12.0) of STM32Cube. Every time I open a
*.ioc file, it is immediately regarded as changed -- it's marked by a star in the window title and if I want to exit, I get a warning about unsaved changes. If I save, I get a file which is byte-by-byte identical to the previous one.
And if want to generate a report, I get the message "The Report will be based on a modified version of the project. Would you like to save <projectname> project first?".
If I do not save, I get a remark about modifications in the report. If I save, my project file contents is not changed, but the file time stamp IS changed, which I do not want.
At present, I just set the file to r/o. Than I can "save" without error message (!), but the file time stamp is not changed. Not a good solution, though.
I think this is bad behaviour and should be fixed.