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Understanding TOTAL_HEAP_SIZE calculation by FREERTOS in CubeMX utility.

Question asked by lopez.dean on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by lopez.dean

Hi, I am trying to find a description or guidelines for how CubeMX determines the TOTAL_HEAP_SIZE value under the FreeRTOS Config parameters.  I am using the Heap 4 scheme.

It is my observation that no matter what type of controller I specify (L151R8 w/10K RAM vs L151RE w/80K RAM), the same value is used in the FreeRTOS settings (3072).  

I am inferring this mean it is not a calculated value based on the device I'm using at all, but is merely a general starting point that will work even with the R8 chip's limited resources.  However, that leads me to want to know how can I determine, after FreeRTOS has loaded and allocated enough RAM for it's needs, what is left over for the heap space that will be consumed when I spawn threads w/ stacks, and create queues and semaphores.

Is there a way to determine this after say, loading a project with just FreeRTOS running without spawning any tasks w/stacks, queues, semaphores and other such resources?

I'm sure this has been asked already, but I have been so far unable to find any discussion or document that sheds light on this.

Thanks in advance for any help!