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STM32F4Discovery RTC+VBAT reset

Question asked by toth.janos on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by toth.janos
Hy all!
I've a STM32F4Discovery board. I want to use the RTC library. I see the board schematic, and I think the VBAT pin is always on VDD.
I configure the RTC with LSI, and wake up event, and write a number to the backup0 register.
The code is view the backup0 register data, and it is the previously wrote number, az rtc init function not calling.
The problem is, the first time I set the time and date, everything is working. After I pushed the reset pin, read the backup0 register the value is good, but the time, date wakeup values is 0.
I read several documents and read if a VBAT is connected the register data is remaining.

Whats the problem?

Thanks a lot