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DMA giving hardfault in STM32F4 Nucleo @84Mhz

Question asked by p.raul on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Clive One
I have modified an STM32F4 example and developed a windows application to interact with it for sending data continuously.I am reading a file on PC line by line and sending continuously each line on a serial port (COM9) to which STM32F4Nucleo board is connected.
STM324 is running @84Mhz and UART is configured at 921600 Baudrate.

Host code : 

loop : 
//being while loop
//read a line from a text file
 if(line == "EOF")
{ send a line to COM Port 
   delay 500 ms
 //End while loop

on STM32 : 

int main(void)
  /* Configure the System clock to 84 MHz */
     /* Initialize UART */

  /* Infinite loop */
  while (1)
          if (UART_ReceivedMSG((TMsg*) &Msg)) {
                //do the processing of the MSg data

attached is the file where UART_ReceivedMSG is defined.
So here I am able to see the data coming (on console I/O of the IDE I am using - IAR)
but at times I am getting a hardfault at 
Get_DMA_Flag_Status > 

uint32_t Get_DMA_Flag_Status(DMA_HandleTypeDef *handle_dma)
  return (__HAL_DMA_GET_FLAG(handle_dma, __HAL_DMA_GET_FE_FLAG_INDEX(handle_dma)));

What could be the cause for this?
Is it some sort of non atomic operation happening at the handle_dma.How can I avoid it.

Thanks in advance !