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PCB routing of inner balls for 400um flip-chip package on TS4621ML

Question asked by JJV on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by zhao.yuntao
Hi I have a question concerning the PCB routing of the TS4621ML headphone amplifier in 400um flip-chip package.  

I have the STEVAL-CCA025V1 demoboard for the TS4621E part and looking at the gerber files for it it appears the inner balls of the package were routed by placing a via directly next to the ball pad but this would seem to violate the design guidelines in the datasheet for the part (which recommend a max 100um track from the pad).  I'd like to avoid using microvias due to cost and would thus like to receive some guidance concerning routing the inner balls of this package.

Here is a screenshot of the gerbers for the demoboard to show what I'm talking about: