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Adapting iNEMO v2 virtual com port, DFU code for Olimex STM32 board

Question asked by Reddy.Harinadha on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by Reddy.Harinadha
Hello everyone,
I have Olimex STM32-P103 bord which has STM32F103RBT6 micro. I flashed Virtual com port DEMO .hex file from the example code they provided. With some technical support from Olimex, Windows 7 virtual com port driver is working. But the example uses very old version( v1.0) libraries. I want to use FreeRTOS for implementing my application. I also need DFU support. 

I also have STEVAL-MKI062V2  iNEMO v2 with micro STM32F103RET7. ST provided Firmware project source for IAR Embedded workbench. It has virtual com port code with DFU support. I want to utilize this code to make STM32-P103 board communicate via virtual COM port with DFU support. I'm working with IAR EW+FreeRTOS+ST-LINK+WINDOWS 7.
I created project, configured & programmed the Olimex board. But the board is not recognized on COM port. 

When i DEBUG & see, the debugger stuck in the while loop shown in the code. which means something is wrong in USB related things( i guess clock configuration & driver related).

 inInitTask(void *pvParameters)
    iNEMO_HW_Config(); //Configure the hardware for the iNEMO platform
    while(bDeviceState != CONFIGURED);  // THIS LOOP IS GOING INFINITE       
    iNEMO_Config(); // Initialize the iNEMO sensor platform
    Timer_Config(); // Configures the timer 2 for frequency interrupts in Hz

In adapting the iNEMO v2 code for Olimex board, i did the following.
1. Created a project & configured it to suit medium density devices in Linker option config file. Also modified Startup_stm32f10xmd.s file to suit in FreeRTOS environment as below:
        EXTERN  __iar_program_start
        EXTERN  SystemInit
        EXTERN vPortSVCHandler  ; defined for FreeRTOS
        EXTERN xPortPendSVHandler  ; defined for FreeRTOS
        EXTERN xPortSysTickHandler  ; defined for FreeRTOS
        PUBLIC  __vector_table
2. Configured DISC, push button & status LED pin of Olimex board to suit iNEMO board DISCONNECT pin of USB & push button, status LED buttons. Rest of the code of iNEMO is commented out.
3. I did not change descriptors related to USB.
I don't know where I'm wrong. I'm quite sure that my problem related clock configuration & driver. How to use the driver inemo folder so that Olimex board can be recognized by computer.

I attached working version main.c file from virtual com port example from Olimex. It uses old libraries. Is the clock configuration in this file is same as iNEMO v2 board ?
I described this problem more clearly here:</a>
Thank you.