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Problems in Configuration of my L6482 board

Question asked by ramirez_prieto.valen on Mar 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by kenny.larry
I have designed a board using a L6482 chip.
My L6482 has started, and I can send and receive messages a través de SPI bus, but now I have a problem:

My STATUS register says: 1110 0000 0000 0011  (Get Status Command = 0xE003).
It means:

OCD = 1  --> overcurrent
BUSY = 1  --> Stopped
Hiz = 1  --> Bridges in High Impedance State.

The problem occurs even without connecting the stepper motor....!
Just turn on the power, and my L6482 gets quite hot, but I have measured the total current of the board, and it is only 0.1 Amp.

I have read AN4354 and UM1685 Application note and User Manual, in order to calculate config values of my board:

OCD_TH = 1000mV

TCC = 1200 nSg
IGATE = 64 mA
TBLANK = 500 nSg
TDT = 250 nSg

I use 3.3v external power supply: VCCREG, VREG and VDDIO are connected to this 3.3v external power supply.
I use VSREG and internal regulator for obtaining VCC=15v. VCC pin is unconnected.

I am using Mosfets STB75NF75L with D2PAK package, of ST Microelectronics manufacturer.
My Rsense = 200mΩ, is it a too high value?

So I think the problem could be:
  • Bad values in registers of configuration. (AN     4354, chapter 2.4: Too low gate charge to complete the Miller plateau     region...?)
  • Bad connections of: Vs, VSreg, Vccreg, Vcc, Vdd, etc.......
Could anybody put here the right connections?
And the configuration values?

Thanks in advance,