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CR95HF Windows-USB source code library support for ISO15963 and M24LR protocols?

Question asked by Jon Green on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by NFC/RFID ST Support
I have a M24LR-DISCOVERY package, and I'm looking to use the CR95HF "wand" to program and communicate with an M24LR04E-R, preparatory to final manufacture of a high-volume (500k-to-millions units) product. We need to do block reads and writes using ISO15963/M24LR protocols.

I have the stsw-95hf002 (AN3954 v3) source code package for C++ development. Unfortunately, it does not include APIs for ISO15963 or M24LR-specific protocols; neither do the supplied Windows DLL and lib files.

I also downloaded the stsw-m24lr006 package, a firmware set for the board that does include ISO15963 and M24LR-specific support - however, these libraries do not, at first glance, appear easily or helpfully adaptable to Windows-USB software.

Before I burn time reinventing the wheel (and delaying the project), does ST (or anyone else here) have CR95HF Windows libraries for these protocols?

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(Incidentally, the stsw-95hf002 source code package has serious buffer-overrun bugs. Specifically: using scanf("%s", [...]) with a pointer to a one character "buffer" is guaranteed to overrun if the user types anything at all before hitting ENTER. There are numerous examples of this bug in source.cpp.)