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I can't understand the eDesign Studio Viper26's schematics!

Question asked by Doce.Xavier on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Doce.Xavier
Hi to all,

I take weeks trying to find a solution for miniaturization of an AC / DC Converter.

Today I thought I had found the solution with the Viper26 and superb eDesignSuite tool but when I analyzed the attached resulting circuit, I just do not understand the meaning of the two different grounds, represented by a triangle (circuit ground, I guess) and the other represented by three horizontal stripes (earth plug, perhaps?).

In the abundant documentation ST, I haven't found anything nor description, nor examples with these two types of grounds, besides, I find it shocking that the GND/Source output is connected directly to the circuit ground and through D to the another ground (earth plug?).

I appreciate your help. Thank you for your time and attention.