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Questions about TDA7293

Question asked by Ravindra Desai on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by zhao.yuntao
Dear Support Team,

I am using the TDA7293 as per datasheet recommendations. I am also using the MUTE and STBY pins but not the CLIP-DET pin. Everything is working without any issues.

My question is:

1. Can I connect the CLIP-DET pin on TDA7293 to the MUTE pin using a 1N4148 diode such that the anode connects to the MUTE pin and the cathode connects the CLIP-DET pin? My idea is to mute the amplifier whenever it clips.

2. Is the TDA7293 sensitive about the voltage on STBY pin during start-up? Is there any condition around the voltage on STBY pin (e.g. OPEN) such that under that condition the IC can get damaged or just blow-up?

3. There are some threads around on the internet about the TDA7293 getting blown-up. What are the specific conditions under which this can happen?

4. Can I use the TDA7293 as a non-inv V-I converter such that the loudspeaker and the current sense resistors become the gain resistors?

Thanks in advance!!

With warm regards,